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Excited girl showing Secure, Efficient, and Sustainable Browser Based Work Environment

Secure, Efficient, and Sustainable Browser Based Work Environment

Embrace the future of work with OneAble. Whether you're looking to enhance productivity, secure your digital assets, or make your business more sustainable, we have the solution. 

OneAble received ISO 27001:2022 certification to prove the commitment for security and Intellectual property protection
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A wheel showing oneable's Multi-Value Single Platform Balancing Cost, Security, Functionality
    • Hardware usage metrics.

    • Productivity & Collaboration tools.

    • Software usage metrics.

    • Time & Productivity metrics

    • Org. domain policies enfoced.

    • Customised desktop delivery.

    • Customised workplaces.

    • Secure Enterprise Browser.

    • 2FA Authentication.

    • No network access to user.

    • Zero Trust Access.

    • VPN Is reduntant.

    • Attack Surface reduced.

    • Easy Patch mgt and OS updates.

    • Remote onboarding & offboarding.

    • No Shadow IT.

    • Version Control.

    • Device Location.

    • BYOD Provisioning.

    • Automatic face detection.

    • Data encryption.

    • No data on Client.

    • Prevents key logging.

    • copy/paste/print/USB Prevention.


​Multi-Value Single Platform Balancing Cost, Security, Functionality & Ease of use

OneAble is Trusted by World’s leading companies